Importance of Factor – Level 1

Importance (X Axis) x Preparedness (Y Axis) x Magnitude (Size of Circle)

This visualization shows response data as it relates to all 14 factors. It is split out into perceived magnitude categories. The responses were categorized in terms of Importance (X Axis) and Preparedness (Y Axis). The size of the circle represents the average number that respondents allocated to the Magnitude of the impact to the future of Hilton Head.

Please note that each chart is loading a lot of information, so it may take a moment to load when you open a chart. Enjoy exploring!

Items of Note

  • The most critical factors are located in the bottom right side of the quadrant, which represent the issues that respondents consider to be critically important and perceive Hilton head to be unprepared for.
  • The bigger circle factors (high magnitude of impact) are towards the critically important end of the X axis, which shows respondents believe that factors with a hight magnitude of impact are also very important for the future of the island.

More Information

For more information, and to engage in further discussion regarding the Hilton Head Island – Our Future project, please contact:

Emily Sparks, Project Lead
Town of Hilton Head Island
Phone: 843.341.4683