Heat Map – Expected and Preferred Future – Cohort Data

Heat Map – Expected and Preferred Future – Cohort Data

The development of Expected and Preferred Futures ‘Heat-maps’ is a key part of discovering the shared vision. During the survey, people were asked to indicate on a 10 x 10 matrix (overlaying the scenario quadrants), the location of what we call the ‘Expected’ and ‘Preferred’ future.

  • The Expected future is in green, and it is where people believe the community will end up if there is ‘no change in what we are currently doing’
  • The Preferred future is in blue, and it is what people have identified as the most desired future for the community.

The circles (or dots) represent the first level of averaging, derived by averaging the heat map responses by primary cohorts (age, length of time in Smithville). The responses may be further filtered, using the filters’ drop-down menus to the right of the chart. The number of responses for each point on the chart may be seen by hovering over the circles within the graph.

Key things to note:

  • The data visualizations shows a first level of averaging, and helps identify points of consensus. The pattern is very similar to the ‘All Data;’ chart. The emerging point of consensus in this chart is largely within the ‘All that and a lake’ scenario, but also includes some component of the ‘Your Evolving Oasis’ scenario.
  • Those who have lived or worked in Smithville for 0-5 years predominately selected the ‘Your Evolving Oasis’ as the preferred future.

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