Reconvene Think-Tank Workshop

Reconvene Think-Tank Workshop

The City of Smithville Think-Tank Reconvene was held on Monday, September 18, at Smithville High School.  The reconvened Think-Tank brought together approximately 50 key community stakeholders who have been actively involved in the City of Smithville community visioning initiative. The purpose of the Reconvene was to review and validate the initiative’s vision and engagement process to date and to begin work on the key strategic pillars that will serve as the building blocks of the City of Smithville’s Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan.

Specific content of the Think-Tank Reconvene workshop included:

  • Introduction and review of the progress on engagement to date
  • Deep dive into the engagement data with discussion of key insights, appetite and directions for change
  • Reconciling the preferred future and exploring cohort views and perspectives
  • Workshop breakout groups exploring strategic pillars including potential implementation ideas and actions
  • Presentations of small group work to the larger workshop group
  • Prioritization of strategic pillar implementation over the next five years
  • Identification of Next Steps in the strategic planning process

More Information

For more information about the City of Smithville Community Visioning project, please contact:

Nickie Lee, Assistant City Administrator
City of Smithville
107 W. Main St
Smithville, MO 64089
Tel: 816.532.3897