Climate Change and its impact on innovation

Climate Change – The Wild Card

Innovation requires time, resources and risk. How do we drive more innovation in the food production, processing and distribution systems?

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Climate Change and its impact on innovation

The effects of climate change have spurred rapid innovation efforts to build resiliency into our food supply system. Given the unpredictability of climate change, adaptation will be necessary, but not impossible. Global collaborative efforts such as “Mission Innovation” and “The Breakthrough Energy Coalition” will help lead the way to finding solutions to decrease our GHG emissions, support economic development, and strengthen energy security.

We will need major innovations in how we eat and farm

Source: CCAFS. 2014. Climate change, food security and small-scale producers. Info Note.

The increased burdens of growing populations and urbanization have created a global rush in food research and development. Stewardship of our natural resources in the face of climate change presents an opportunity that is unprecedented for humankind. “Food production on all the world’s farms can be increased through innovation, more sustainable practices, and reductions in food waste.” Now we need to use our many skills to do so in ways that will reverse the growing effects of climate change and sustain our environment at the same time.

“How the international community addresses climate change today will determine how well future generations will be fed and whether food security will be a reality for everyone.”

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The Future of Food

The Future of Food has been produced by Future iQ as a foresight research paper. It examines a range of critical catalysts of change relating to the global food supply chain, and the potential impacts upon human health, the environment and food security.
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