Importance of Driver (X Axis) x Performance in Addressing Drivers (Y Axis)

This chart combines responses to two questions to create an interactive scatter plot. This visualization shows response data as it relates to all 12 drivers. This chart presents the average results based on all respondents.

The chart is structured as follows:

  • X-Axis is the response to the question “For the following ‘drivers of change’, how important do you think they are in shaping the future of waste management in Iowa?”

The scale is: 1 = Not at all  important; 10 = Critically important

  • Y-Axis is the response to the question “How well is Iowa currently addressing the following ‘drivers of change’?” The scale is: 1 = Not very well; 10 = Very well

Hover over the circles to reveal extra information on each driver average point.

Key things to note:

  • Almost all the responses are groups in the quadrants that is broadly defined as ‘Important and Not Performing Well’.
  • The drivers were all assessed as important, with some, such as Product Design and packaging, being assessed as Critically Important.
  • This concentration of data suggests there is an urgent need address the Performance of addressing each driver of change.

More Information

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