Middle Georgia Charrette and Regional Planning Engagement

From the microcosm of the Think Tank environment, the visioning process moved out into the next phase of engagement into the wider Middle Georgia region community. For the overall Middle Georgia Charrette and Regional Planning initiative to be successful, it was essential that there would be broad engagement across the region.

Citizens from the Middle Georgia region attended and participated in three stakeholder engagement sessions which were held in August 2018.

Based on the information gathered from the compilation of all reports, engagement results and analyses, Future iQ will work closely with the project team to synthesize the information in order to generate an initiative and priority project matrix and the final Action Plan and Roadmap.

More Information

For more information, and to engage in further discussion regarding the Middle Georgia Charrette and Regional Planning project, please contact:

Angie Gheesling, Project Lead
Houston Development Authority
Phone: (478) 923-5470