Application for Future Think-Tank Participation

Application for Think-Tank Participation

Application Deadline: July 19

Think-Tank Workshop
Monday, July 29:  5:00pm – 8:00pm
Tuesday, July 30:  11:00am – 2:00pm
Miners’ Hospital, 1354 Park Avenue, Park City

Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is undertaking a community visioning project, Park City Vision 2020, in order to define a Park City Community Vision and Action Plan. As a follow up to the 2009 Park City Community Visioning project, Park City Vision 2020 aims to provide a response to the following questions:

  • What makes Park City the place that people wish to call home?
  • What makes Park City special, and what should Park City protect?
  • What are the elements of the community that, if lost, would fundamentally change the character of Park City?

To launch Park City 2020, we would like to extend an invitation for you to apply to participate in an important Think-Tank Workshop. The Think-Tank Workshop will serve as the starting point for the 6- month Park City Vision 2020 project, and will bring together a group of key stakeholders with a broad diversity of knowledge, experience and perspectives on our community. The workshop is based on scenario-based strategic planning, a process that has been used successfully in locations across North America, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

The Think-Tank content will include:

  • Determining how “future ready” we are
  • A review of important global, national and local trends
  • Identification of the key “drivers” shaping the future
  • Formation of four plausible scenarios for the future
  • Identification of the preferred and expected future, and implications
  • Potential action steps

Ideal participants for the Think-Tank will be:

  • Forward thinking and positive,
  • Have a willingness to share knowledge and experience of Park City
  • Committed to attending and actively participating throughout the duration of the Think-Tank (six hours over two days)

It is important that selected applicants are aware of the Park City 2020 visioning process. To read more about the visioning process –

Time commitment for the July Think-Tank sessions would be a total of six hours. Food and beverages will be provided at each session. The Think-Tank will reconvene in late 2019, in advance of the final Community Vision plan.

We encourage you to apply to participate using the form below. Please contact Linda Jager ( 435.615.5189) for additional information. Application deadline is July 19.

All information contained on this application is subject to public disclosure and will be reviewed by City staff.

More Information

For more information or to engage in further discussion regarding the Park City Vision 2020 project, please contact:

Linda Jager, Community Engagement Manager
Park City Municipal Corporation
Tel: 435.615.5189