Hypothetical test projects

In developing the decision-making tool, a series of hypothetical test projects were used. These included:

  1. Tourist trolley– Primary for use as hop-on; hop-off around Tillamook town sites and connecting Creamery to local attractions, run by local Chamber group ($150,000 over 3 years).
  2. Roller coaster and amusement park– major private developer destination park at Port of Tillamook Bay, aiming to attract family visitors ($250,000 over 2 years).
  3. Conference and event center– Located in North County, aiming to be foryear-round multipurpose use. Local consortium of Not-for-profit entities and local town ($350,000 over 2 years).
  4. Performing arts center– located in Tillamook, aiming to build arts and cultural experiences targeting off season periods, driven by local volunteer groups ($400,000 over 3 years).
  5. Countywide bike and pedestrian trail plan – Planning and research study to design countywide multimodal system to provided alternate transit and healthy lifestyle options ($100,000 over 1 year).
  6. Wayside with public restrooms– installation of wayside, parking and restroom at Tierra del Mar ($250,000 over 2 years).
  7. Trail-heads and signage– Targeting two existing high use trails, includes investment in expanded parking, trailhead signage, sensitive site protection and entrance ($250,000 over 2 years).
  8. Bike maintenance stations– Establish a series of three bike friendly repair stations along coastal routes ($200,000 over 2 years).
  9. Electric car charging station– Charging station for Electric vehicles in Rockaway Beach ($100,000 one-off contribution).
  10. Beach impact project– Beach summer volunteer program, and signage / leaflets to redirect people in busy periods and education people about sensitive areas (3-year program, $100,000 per year, total $300,000).

Key things to note:

  • The projects were drawn from previous Tillamook County Futures Council listening sessions, with some additional project ideas that surfaced through the 2019 community engagement sessions, and from the North Coast Tourism Studio held in 2018. These projects were hypothetical in terms of budget allocation and scale.
  • A group of local assessors were asked to rate the projects against the four main categories. The test group of assessors included people from the Tillamook County Futures Council, Tillamook County Board and staff, Visit Tillamook Coast staff, and the project consultant. All assessors had a decent working knowledge of tourism and the concept of the hypothetical projects.

More Information

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