Stage 2 Assessment – Selected Projects

Stage 2 Assessment – Selected Projects

The Stage 2 Assessment allows for more detailed exploration of selected projects. Likely these will be ones where the Assessors were spread in their views, or that were in the mid-range of the initial scores. The more detailed assessment is built around the following questions categories and questions:

SUSTAINABILITY IMPACT SCORE: Sustainability has been identified as a critical aspect of the Tillamook tourism industry. Considering the proposed project, what type of impact do you think it will have on each of the following identified Tillamook County sustainability areas over the next 2-5 years?

Scale: -5 = Very negative impact; +5 = Very positive impact.

  • Integrates tourism with our communities in a way that is respectful and functional
  • Helps provide visitors authentic, place-based, educational experiences
  • Creates lasting financial and social benefits for locals
  • Enhances public policies with organizational support and funding
  • Contributes to the health and vibrancy of our natural environment

DESTINATION IMPACT SCORE: The County wants to accomplish improved destination management and reduced negative tourism impacts. How would you rate the project based on a scale of impact on improving destination management and impact, based on the following aspects?

Scale: 1 = LOW, might even make it worse; 10 = HIGH, very positive impact

  • Does it help disperse tourism visitation impact across time and geography?
  • Does it protect sensitive areas?
  • Does it work to avoid congestion and overuse?
  • Has it taken into account moderating unintended consequences?
  • Does it help the community deal with the impacts of tourism and support its overall management?

COLLABORATION and INCLUSIVITY SCORE: The County needs to create greater collaboration and inclusivity in tourism projects. Does this project help the County build stronger collaboration and a more inclusive approach to managing tourism, against the following aspects?

Scale: 1 = LOW; very limited; 10 = HIGH; very potent

  • Does it connect and leverage other actors and resources on a significant scale?
  • Does it build collaborative and inclusive solutions so benefits can be multiplied?
  • Does it connect resources or projects across the County and broader region?
  • Does it create shared value in the County?
  • Does it bring the community together in a new way?

RETURN ON INVESTMENT SCORE: The TLT funds are limited and must be applied to create maximum impact. Does this project offer a good return on investment of the TLT and public funds?

Scale: 1 = LOW; weak or limited; 10 = HIGH; very positive and strong

  • Does the project produce a reasonable community return on investment?
  • Does it leverage other funding in a multiplier manner?
  • Is the project implementation timeframe reflective of the urgency for action?
  • Does it have a sustainability plan for future funding and investment?
  • Is the applicant organization’s governance solid?

More Information

If you have questions about the Tillamook County Tourism Investment Strategic Action Plan project, please contact:

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