Workplace Focus

Workplace Focus

Respondents were asked to respond to a question about Workplace Focus. The question was:

Today, many people in Waseca commute to work outside the county boundaries. In terms of employment and work locations, how would you like Waseca to be 20 years in the future? Please select your preference on the following continuum; from 1 = ‘Focus mainly on local jobs’ to 10 = ‘Connect people to the best careers within region’.

Key things to note:

  • Approximately 41% of respondents indicated that employment opportunities should focus mainly on local job options whereas 59% indicated opportunities should link people to the best careers within the region.
  • Because there are many good regional employment opportunities (Twin Cities, Mankato, Northfield, etc.) written responses were encouraging of focus on both options depending on the needs of the individual.

More Information

For more information, and to engage in further discussion regarding the Waseca Vision 2030 project, please contact:

Danny Lenz, City Manager
City of Waseca
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Tel: 507.835.9700

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