Heat-map – Scenario Matrix Validation Chart

Heat-map – Scenario Matrix Validation Chart

This chart provides a method to validate the preferred future created via the heat maps. This ‘Scenario Matrix Validation Chart’ is created by building a preferred future from the answers to the ‘Critical Issues’ questions. These ‘Critical Issues’ questions are subsets of the scenario axes, and by recombining each person’s answers we create a unique X, Y average. This approach generates a notional Preferred Future, but one based on likely response to issues and expected behaviour in real-life. This provides a validation of the Preferred Future response based on the heat map diagram.

Key things to note:

  • There is a significant concentration of responses in a location that reflects the Preferred Future as defined in the heat maps.
  • Hovering over each data point will show the number of responses in that location. Additional filters are on the right-hand column.

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