NERDIC worked with CONNSTEP to deliver a series of Cybersecurity events from 2019 – 2021.

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats facing businesses and the supply chain in the New England region and globally. NERDIC continues to update the industry ecosystem on any emerging DoD requirements regarding cybersecurity. Cybersecurity compliance helps ensure that the defense supply chains are responsive.

NERDIC Cybersecurity Awareness events

Connecticut/Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Rhode Island/Vermont

Number of attendees – 478

Number of companies – 342

NERDIC Cybersecurity Assessments

Connecticut/Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Rhode Island/Vermont

Number of attendees – 16

Number of companies – 12

NERDIC is now ready to build on the initial training workshops and transition learning from the work carried out in 2019/2021 into providing ‘bulk learning’ so industry can take cybersecurity courses and portions of the workshops online.

These will be added on the NERDIC Industry 4.0 Ecosystem platform, offering 24/7 training for initial cybersecurity modules. There is also a need for targeted cybersecurity training workshops that consist of multiple sessions focusing on the C-level suite, then cascading down to the shop floor, building on lessons learned from the past two years of cybersecurity training. These would focus specifically on how to accelerate the update of cyber compliance in the workplace and will be focused on the higher need northern States of the region.

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