Regional Partners

The Project

The RCAP network works in a locally-driven approach to address the various needs of the more than 2,200 rural and tribal communities served each year. Driven by regional partners who provide hands-on technical assistance and training to communities in every state, the network is comprised of more than 200 trained professionals who are intimately familiar with small community issues around infrastructure and community and economic development needs.

RCAP’s network of regional partners includes:

  • Communities of Unlimited (Southern RCAP)
  • Midwest Assistance Program (Midwestern RCAP)
  • Rural Community Assistance Corporation (Western RCAP)
  • RCAP Solutions (Northeastern RCAP)
  • SERCAP (Southeastern RCAP)
  • WSOS Community Action Agency (Great Lakes RCAP)

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More Information

For more information and to engage in further discussion regarding this project, please contact:

Nathan Ohle, Executive Director
RCAP, Inc.
Phone: 202.470.1583