David Beurle

David Beurle is CEO of Future iQ. He is a world-renowned expert on urban, community, regional and organisational economic revitalisation. His work extends from the local and regional, through to Corporate and Governmental levels with a focus on ‘future thinking’ and long term planning.

He specialises in creating innovative future planning approaches for use in regional and organisational settings. He developed the ground breaking Future Game as a widely used planning and workshop tool, which has been successfully used across the world in community, regional, industry, corporate and governmental settings. He pioneered the application of Scenario Planning to regions and rural industries around the world. Having worked in the field of regional and community planning/ revitalisation for over 20 years, he is a leader in the field of regional and organisational development.

An accomplished speaker, having led over 200 community visioning sessions across North America, Australia and Europe, he has been invited to provide numerous keynote addresses and workshop presentations across the globe.

David has worked in the remotest parts of Australia through to working at the highest levels of Government, with eight years as the ‘right-hand man’ to a senior Australian Cabinet Minster; the Western Australian Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries.

He has held a position on the Board of the Western Australian Community Foundation, and has a B.Sc in Agriculture degree from Sydney University. His work in community and economic development has earned his work international, national and state awards; including twice being awarded the International Community Development Society’s ‘Innovative Project Award’.