Importance of Factors 2018

Importance of Factors 2018

This chart shows the responses from all of the people who have taken the survey regarding how important they saw Factors for Middle Georgia in 2018. On the chart, there are filters on the right-hand side. These filters allow you to explore responses by different cohorts within the community respondents. You can also hover over the bar charts to reveal specific information.

SCALE: 1 = Not Important; 10 = Critically Important

Key things to note:

  • Almost all of the factors were identified as being very important now.
  • Factors like workforce and skills shortage, and regional infrastructure were heavily weighted as important now.

More Information

For more information, and to engage in further discussion regarding the Middle Georgia Charrette and Regional Planning project, please contact:

Angie Gheesling, Project Lead
Houston Development Authority
Phone: (478) 923-5470