Tourism and Economic Focus

Tourism and Economic Focus

Respondents were asked to respond to a question about Tourism and Economic Focus. The question was:

Park City is a world-renowned tourist destination, attracting visitors due to its recreational offerings, reputation as a premier ski destination and mountain town appeal. Tourism is a predominant economic driver. Thinking about the future economic focus of Park City, what do you think should be the approach?

Scale:1= ‘Retain focus as an iconic mountain town tourism destination’; 10= ‘Seek to adapt and embrace new economic opportunities’

Key things to note:

  • The responses predominantly focus midway between ‘Retain focus as an iconic mountain town tourism destination’ and ‘seeking to adapt and embrace new economic opportunities’.
  • This response mirrors the conversation in workshops, where people appreciated the value in economic diversification however, wanted to Park City to remain an iconic mountain town tourism destination.

More Information

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