Park City Vision 2020 Think Tank

Park City Vision 2020 Think-Tank

On 29 and 30 July, a group of 35 community members and stakeholders took part in the Vision 2020 Think-Tank.

The Think-Tank served as the starting point for the 6 month Park City Vision 2020 project, and brought together the group of key stakeholders with a broad diversity of knowledge, experience and perspectives on the Park City community. The workshop was based on scenario-based strategic planning, a process that has been used successfully in locations across North America, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

The Think-Tank content included:

  • Determining how “future ready” Park City is
  • A review of important global, national and local trends
  • Identification of the key “drivers” shaping the future
  • Formation of four plausible scenarios for the future of Park City
  • Identification of the preferred and expected future, and implications
  • Potential action steps

Attendance at the Think-Tank was by invitation or application

The Think-Tank will be reconvened in November 2019, after a succession of community wide engagement sessions throughout the summer of 2019.

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More Information

For more information or to engage in further discussion regarding the Park City Vision 2020 project, please contact:

Linda Jager, Community Engagement Manager
Park City Municipal Corporation
Tel: 435.615.5189