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The Coppell Vision 2040 Scenarios of the Future Think Tank

On June 25 and 26 2018, 100 committed Coppell citizens took a deep-dive into the future. They spent the two evenings examining important emerging trends and crafting a range of possible future scenarios for Coppell reaching out to 2040.

The Coppell Vision 2040 Think Tank launched the Coppell Vision 2040 initiative, focusing on:

  • A review of global trends and the impact of these trends on Coppell
  • Identification of the key drivers shaping the future of Coppell
  • Formulation of the different plausible scenario ‘spaces’ and development of detailed narratives and descriptions of each scenario
  • Examination of the impact and consequences of each scenario on various aspects of community and economic development in Coppell
  • Identification of the preferred future and critical actions steps to achieve the preferred future

The Think Tank explored how Coppell would change over time, depending on how a few major themes played out. Community Evolution and Infrastructure Solutions were key issues that were discussed.

The scenarios from the Think Tank will be presented to extensive engagement sessions which will be held in August, September and October. The citizens of Coppell are invited to attend the engagement sessions.

The Think Tank will be reconvened on 5 November in order to review the results gathered from the Engagement sessions and revisit the topics outlined at the start of the Coppell Vision 2040 process.

More Information

For more information or to engage in further discussion regarding the Coppell Vision 2040 project, please contact:

Molly Bujanda
City of Coppell, TX
Phone: 972-462-5165