About the Project

Waseca Vision 2030 will provide a Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan for the Waseca Community

Waseca Vision 2030, running through 2017, will engage the community of Waseca County in a series of conversations designed to identify scenarios and community priorities for the future. Future iQ and LHB have been engaged by B.E.S.T. of Waseca County to develop a community vision, strategic plan and action plan, that will include:

  • Benchmark Analysis, including demographics, workforce, economic profile and visitor patterns
  • A Communication Plan for the project
  • Facilitation of a Future Game and Waseca County ‘Future Think-Tank’
  • 15-20 Extensive Community and Stakeholder Engagement workshops
  • Pre and Post Think-Tank community and stakeholder surveys
  • Detailed data analysis and visualization
  • A defined community vision
  • Production of a strategic plan and a detailed action plan that will provide for measurable progress

More Information

For more information, and to engage in further discussion regarding the Waseca Vision 2030 project, please contact:

Danny Lenz, City Manager
City of Waseca
508 S. State Street
Waseca, MN 56093
Tel: 507.835.9700

Get involved! Sign up at the Waseca Minnesota Project Link: http://wasecavision2030.com