Think Tank

Waseca Vision 2030 Think Tank

On May 25, 2017 approximately 60 committed Waseca stakeholders, community members, council members, and city staff took a deep-dive into the future. They spent the evening examining important emerging trends and crafting a range of possible future scenarios for Waseca County leading up to 2030.

The Think Tank explored how Waseca would change over time, depending on how major themes played out. Participants played the Future Game, an experiential learning tool intended to prepare participants for long-term scenario planning. Participants then created plausible scenarios for Waseca’s future and engaged in a critical dialogue about the future and changing dynamics of Waseca County. For example, they considered what might happen if they focus on regional competitiveness and maximizing local human capacity; or if they underutilize capacity and retain a disjointed regional approach.

This work will provided the basis for broad community engagement and discussions that took place in September and October 2017.

More Information

For more information, and to engage in further discussion regarding the Waseca Vision 2030 project, please contact:

Danny Lenz, City Manager
City of Waseca
508 S. State Street
Waseca, MN 56093
Tel: 507.835.9700

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