Proposed Land Use Principles

Updating the Smithville Land Use Map

Much of the existing land uses as depicted on the Existing Land Use Map will remain as it provides the right type of in-fill opportunity as desired by the city and community to celebrate and retain the small-town feel of Smithville.

Key considerations and recommendations for the 2030 Future Land Use Map include:

Industrial, flex, and office uses towards the south of Smithville adjacent to or in close proximity to Hwy 169.

Because of Smithville’s limited current supply of employment centers and commercial tax base, we recommend allowing for the opportunity to attract industrial, flex, or office user(s) that provide city benefits aligned with goals set forth in the Comprehensive Plan. The Future Land Use Map contains an overlay in the 169 South and 169 Industrial Characters to allow these types of uses.

Higher density residential uses towards the south of Smithville in the 169 South Character Area. 

Based on market conditions, higher density residential developments may feature construction up to six stories in height. Higher density may also be achieved by allowing higher dwelling units per acre to accommodate market demand, creating vibrant activity at the southern end of the city.

Residential-commercial mixed-uses in the Downtown area. 

Smithville’s Downtown may accommodate a wider-range of uses into the future, including mixed-use typologies with residential units above the commercial ground-floor uses or mid-rise residential uses.

Continued single-family detached residential uses, especially in the northern portion of Smithville. 

Although we recommend planning for additional housing typologies for the next ten years, the strong single-family housing market is expected to continue into the future in Smithville and should be planned for over the next ten years. This development pattern will be targeted towards opportunities to connect into Smithville’s developing trail network and clustered to minimize sprawling impacts.

Enhanced recreation uses near Smithville Lake as an economic driver. 

Smithville Lake serves as a unique asset in the city and a strong opportunity to capture increased visitor spending to support local businesses in Smithville. Enhancing the control over recreational assets, such as areas near the Lake, can help strengthen Smithville’s tax base and fund additional recreational uses in the future while celebrating these land uses.

Intentionally preserve and conserve targeted green open spaces. 

To retain and celebrate Smithville’s Small-Town Feel, identifying green space and agricultural areas to protect for the next ten years will help the city towards its path as a modern Community Oasis. These conservation spaces include important buffers and view shields throughout the city and in, or near, all Character Areas.

Enhance opportunities for trails and multi-modal connectivity.

Proposed trail networks, such as the MetroGreen trails, are identified in or near all of the Character Areas. As uses develop near these networks, there are additional opportunities to help these trails become a reality. The proposed Future Uses encourage pedestrian and bicycle networks from the northern to the southern areas of Smithville connecting residents throughout the city.

More Information

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