Small-Town Feel and Sense of Community

The Small-town Feel and Sense of Community Task Force works on integrating the strategic pillar, ‘Retention of small-town feel and sense of community’ into the comprehensive planning process.

Task Force members have been actively engaged in discussion topics on the project portal and are working on a digital assignment to submit photos of what they think the best ‘Small-town feel’ and ‘Sense of community’ looks like in Smithville over the next ten years. Additional work includes:

  • Further defining the broad concept of a Downtown Community Oasis for Smithville
  • Exploration of the types of businesses best suited to the Downtown Community Oasis
  • Collection of ideas for intersection development at Main Street and Hwy 169
  • Exploring the use of landscape and urban design that fosters a small-town feel
  • Consideration of agriculture’s role in Smithville’s future development

More Information

For more information about the City of Smithville Comprehensive Planning project, please contact:

Jack Hendrix, Director of Development
City of Smithville
107 W. Main St
Smithville, MO 64089
Tel: 816.532.3897