Comprehensive Plan – Comments and Questions

Since January 2020, the community of Smithville has worked hard to produce a Comprehensive Plan that represents their hopes and dreams for the future of the City. The plan is now ready for review, and you are invited to add your comments.

We would love to hear your thoughts! Please read through the Comprehensive Plan and give us your thoughts and comments.


  1. Kristin
    October 23, 2020 at 10:27 am · Reply

    The biggest thing that community members overwhelming said they wanted was to “retain a small community feel”. How does building apartment complexes and a convention center support that? Are you going to get the support to build a hotel/convention center from the families who live near Smith Fork Park? That plan changes the feel and reasons people purchased houses in that area. This plan is scary! Neither of those objectives support a small town feel. I don’t want to live near a convention center or hotel. We just purchased a house in that area for what it is today, not to live near a HOTEL/CONVENTION CENTER. I can not support making such a drastic change to the land use that is currently here.

    I love the upgrades to the downtown area and the thoughts of trails and making the community better. Making housing available to our aging population is amazing. Those thoughts are amazing and don’t adversely impact current residents.

    Take care of your current residents!!!

  2. David Beurle Future iQ
    October 30, 2020 at 3:44 am · Reply

    Dear Kristin – thank you for your comment and input into the comp planning process. I appreciate your concerns, and in fact this was probed in detail in the community engagement process. It was clear from the task force input, that they are very selective about any developments that could occur near the lake, and anything would have to perhaps boutique in nature and certainly very conscious of local impact. If i recall, apartment complexes were not at all supported in the area of Smith’s Fork Park. The Commercial overlay concept in that area is specifically designed to allow some lower-impact seasonal / recreation based businesses to help service the visitation to the lake. Would be happy to discuss this further if that would help clarify the nuance of this discussion. David

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