Environmental Focus

Environmental Focus

Respondents were asked to respond to a question about Hilton Head Island’s environmental focus. The question was: Hilton Head Island was developed based on a clear environmental focus and vision. Today, Hilton Head Island is being challenged by changing weather patterns and other environmental issues. In terms of environmental focus, how would you like Hilton Head Island to be in 2040?

Scale: 1= Maintain existing environmental focus and practices; 10= Aggressively pursue new sustainability actions and focus.

Key things to note:

  • There was particularly strong agreement towards “Aggressively pursue new sustainability actions and focus” on the continuum, with over 67% of respondents favouring this direction.
  • With recent severe disruptive weather events occurring in Hilton Head Island, it was perhaps not surprising there is a focus on pursuing new sustainability actions and focus. Additionally this supports one of the core island values. The younger cohorts and people living outside gated communities particularly favoured the notion of aggressively pursuing new sustainability actions and focus.

More Information

For more information, and to engage in further discussion regarding the Hilton Head Island – Our Future project, please contact:

Emily Sparks, Project Lead
Town of Hilton Head Island
Phone: 843.341.4683