Heat-map – Scenario Matrix Validation Chart

Heat-map – Scenario Matrix Validation Chart

This chart provides a method to validate the preferred future created via the heat maps. This ‘Scenario Matrix Validation Chart’ is created by building a preferred future from the answers to the ‘Critical Issues’ questions. These ‘Critical Issues’ questions are subsets of the scenario axes, and by recombining each person’s answers we create a unique X, Y average.

This approach generates a notional Preferred Future, but one based on likely response to issues and expected behavior in real-life. This provides a validation of the Preferred Future response based on the heat map diagram. It also confirms if the likely expected behaviour or decision making biases will support the preferred future.

This data shows individuals, as opposed to cohort averages (as done on previous chart). This will allow better exploration of how different groups in the community might respond to change, or how their appetite for change may vary. In this heat-map, the lower left hand corner represents no change (status quo), while the upper right hand extreme represents appetite for maximum change.

Key things to note:

  • There is a significant concentration of responses in a location that reflects the Preferred Future as defined in the heat maps. This concentration suggests that expected behaviour is aligned to supporting the preferred future.
  • Hovering over each data point will show the number of responses in that location. Additional filters are on the right-hand column.
  • While there is a concentration within the results, there are also significant outliers – people who either likely orientate strongly to the status quo, or those who want to aggressively pursue change.

More Information

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