Community Focus

Respondents were asked to respond to a question about Community Focus.

The question was:

‘Like all communities, Trotwood has been undergoing demographic and population changes. The community has a tremendous opportunity to come together to rebuild after the tragedy of the tornado to create new opportunities and development for Trotwood. What do you think should be the focus of the community over the coming years?’

Scale: 1 = ‘The community focuses on internal key priorities and needs for existing residents’; 10 = ‘The community focuses on being attractive and relevant to a wide cross-section of people, and building connections as part of broader regional community.’

Key things to note:

  • The responses show a strong desire to be relevant to a wide cross section of the people, and to play an important role in the broader Dayton and regional community.

More Information

For more information about the City of Trotwood Organizational Strategic Plan project, please contact:

Cheryl D. Wheeler, Assistant to the City Manager
City of Trotwood
3035 Olive Road
Trotwood, OH 45426
Tel: 937.854.7215