Key Factors – Average Data

Key Factors – Average Data
Nature of Impact (X Axis) x Preparedness (Y Axis) x Importance of Topic (Circle Size)

This chart combines responses to two questions to create an interactive scatter plot. This visualization shows response data as it relates to all 10 factors. This chart presents the average results based on all respondents.

The chart is structured as follows:

  • X-Axis is the response to the question “Do you think expected changes in each of these factors, will be positive or negative for Mitchell?”. The scale is: -5 = Very negative; 0 = Neutral; +5 = Very positive
  • Y-Axis is the response to the question “How well prepared is Mitchell to adapt to changes in these issues?”. The scale is: -5 = Not at all well prepared; +5 = Very well prepared
  • Size of the circle is in response to the question “How important do you think the following factors will be to Mitchell in 2040?”. The scale is: 1 = Not Important; 10 = Critically Important

Key things to note:

  • Mitchell seems to be well prepared for issues such as the ‘Availability of Education’ and to a lesser extent the ‘Strength of Agricultural Industries’, and ‘Economic Diversification such as tourism’. The nature of change of these issues are seen as positive for Mitchell.
  • ‘‘Aging Population in Community’ and the associated ‘Cost and Access of Eldercare’ were seen as the issues for which Mitchell was least prepared. The nature of change of these issues was seen as somewhat negative for Mitchell.

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